USC/ISI Invites You to a Symposium on the

Future OF Computing Research

"Examining the future of computing research, as a field and as a profession"

Marina del Rey, California

Today, forces as disparate as the intellectual and technical maturing of the discipline, the ever-increasing centrality of computing to modern society, and changing expectations about career paths, research funding models, and work environments all drive us to ask how our field will grow and change in response.

Our symposium aims to bring together a range of informed, thought-provoking perspectives and views on this topic. Our goal is to discuss critical questions that will shape and define the computing research landscape of the future, and to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversations shaping this quickly emerging evolution.

The symposium will be uniquely interactive. Before, during, and after the symposium, we provide opportunities for you to shape the discussion, contribute directly to the program, and meet other participants that share your specific interests. At the conclusion of the symposium, the organizers will create a sequence of reports and ongoing discussion opportunities focused on different audiences – the technical community, research policy professionals, and the general public – addressing the symposium’s discussions and conclusions.

We invite you to join us! Please review the rest of this website for further information and ways to engage in the conversation.